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Mr Kite: How far are the niagra falls from Toronto ? Jul 26, 2014 18:31:07 GMT
Amadeus: About a two hour drive. Jul 26, 2014 18:31:23 GMT
Mr Kite: yeh , it is Ive seen photos Jul 26, 2014 18:31:30 GMT
Mr Kite: Blimey that close ! Jul 26, 2014 18:31:48 GMT
Amadeus: Yep. Haven't been for a number of years. Since it went all 'Las Vegas', but without the sand. Jul 26, 2014 18:32:36 GMT
Mr Kite: Im thinking of going to either New York , Toronto or California next year Jul 26, 2014 18:32:44 GMT *
Amadeus: You know anybody from those places, is your boy in CA? Jul 26, 2014 18:33:22 GMT
Mr Kite: No and no he didnt go , I think the female species stopped that trip Jul 26, 2014 18:34:02 GMT
Mr Kite: Toronto is very cheap , as in the cheapest option Jul 26, 2014 18:35:11 GMT
Amadeus: What do you imagine doing? Jul 26, 2014 18:35:51 GMT
Mr Kite: I`m going to decide in the next 3 weeks , for then I have to book somewhere Jul 26, 2014 18:36:31 GMT
Mr Kite: I would do them all if I could ! Jul 26, 2014 18:36:49 GMT
Amadeus: Wow. A big trip. Not just a drive up to the B&B at loch Ness. Jul 26, 2014 18:37:18 GMT
Mr Kite: Hence why I havnt gone away this year , so I can go further a field Jul 26, 2014 18:37:44 GMT
Amadeus: Hmm. Well let me know what you're up to. Meanwhile, I have to take Mrs. A. out for a bit as I'm so agreeable and it's sunny outside and I shouldn't be at my desk all afternoon. Jul 26, 2014 18:39:25 GMT
Mr Kite: It started with N.Y , then Toronto (cheaper) now Cali Jul 26, 2014 18:39:29 GMT
Mr Kite: No worries , see you around my friend ! ;D Jul 26, 2014 18:40:13 GMT
Amadeus: Cheers. Jul 26, 2014 18:40:35 GMT
Mr Kite: Now wheres that Last FM thingy ! Jul 26, 2014 18:40:56 GMT
peregrine9: I hope everyone is well a doing ok.Everyone have a safe,great upcoming week and take care.Good night from the city by the Bay. Jul 27, 2014 21:01:04 GMT