Paul's Vocal Range


Mr Kite: Yeh Ive always said that Canada is the best place ive never been Aug 26, 2014 22:46:41 GMT
Mr Kite: Humidex ? is that a vinyl cleaner ? Aug 26, 2014 22:47:22 GMT
Amadeus: If it even exists. Aug 26, 2014 22:48:00 GMT
Amadeus: Canada I mean. Aug 26, 2014 22:48:03 GMT
Mr Kite: On that note I best go to bed . Night night , have a good day . Aug 26, 2014 22:48:20 GMT
Mr Kite: Ive seen photos Aug 26, 2014 22:48:23 GMT
Amadeus: Humidex. A likely highly inaccurate was of guessing what the temperature feels like with lots of humidity. It always makes it feel hotter than the actual temp. Aug 26, 2014 22:49:04 GMT
Mr Kite: Take care and keep away from those big bears you have oh my ! Aug 26, 2014 22:49:05 GMT
Mr Kite: Sounds like Manchester weather Aug 26, 2014 22:49:27 GMT
Mr Kite: Ta Ta ! Aug 26, 2014 22:49:36 GMT
Amadeus: The bears are my friend. Cheerio. Aug 26, 2014 22:49:48 GMT
Mr Kite: I know a rabbit he lives in a hole , I know badger he lives in one too, I know a Bear who goes to the loo . In the woods Aug 28, 2014 18:53:10 GMT
Amadeus: Wasn't that the pope? no wait,,,,,,,,,,,,, Aug 28, 2014 19:46:14 GMT
Mr Kite: Nah .. He was in Hitlers youth . Aug 28, 2014 20:01:56 GMT
Mr Kite: Adolf had a mustache he took for a walk , over Europe and back, but he never got to it to talk. So he bought a Revolver and played it for a week and a day , it never had much luck with his mustache but he loved Das Yellow boot eight days a week. Hooray Aug 28, 2014 20:22:06 GMT *
mrmustard: You know, Hitler may have listened to Revolver. There is a very strong theory that he never committed suicide in the bunker with Eva. They actually escaped on a submarine to Argentina and lived there for many years with Hitler eventually dying in the 60's. Aug 28, 2014 22:16:52 GMT
Mr Kite: Yes ! Of course , I`m am not a master of nonsense , for I see things that people presume that are taken as said . Aug 29, 2014 10:50:22 GMT *
Mr Kite: Like Phil Collins is in fact Adolf Eichmann who also fled to Argentina and so learnt the drums and set on the destruction of Prog with dance songs and Tank tops Aug 29, 2014 10:54:36 GMT *
Amadeus: Does, Trick of The Tail, Wind and Wuthering and Seconds Out hide in a blind spot in your prog world view? Aug 29, 2014 15:59:26 GMT
Mr Kite: I can hold hand on heart and say I`ve never heard them. I have heard Carpet crawlers and that`s enough to stop it ever happening . IMO :P Aug 29, 2014 16:39:22 GMT