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bluemeaniepaul74: I wasn't going to Liverpool for the Giants by the way, I was planning to do a bit of shopping May 23, 2015 21:05:44 GMT
mrmustard: What happens in Warrington? May 23, 2015 21:06:03 GMT
bluemeaniepaul74: The rail network was up the wall that day, each train had just 2 carriages and I believe Merseyrail have said they'll be doing the same this weekend May 23, 2015 21:08:02 GMT
bluemeaniepaul74: Many things happen in Warrington, it's like St Helens but on Steroids May 23, 2015 21:08:47 GMT *
mrmustard: Is Mr Smiths still in Warrington? May 23, 2015 21:14:47 GMT
bluemeaniepaul74: I find it quite odd that you would ask about Mr burnt down a couple of weeks ago, know anything about it? May 23, 2015 21:24:36 GMT
mrmustard: Ha ha! I honestly didn't know that! I just commented to Mrs Mustard about your comment and she said 'yeah, didn't you hear about that? It was all over the news!' Well bugger me, I knew nothing about it! Honest govner!! May 23, 2015 22:14:42 GMT
Mr Kite: A fire starter May 23, 2015 22:20:29 GMT
Mr Kite: Yeh , I wanted to see the giants May 23, 2015 22:24:03 GMT
bluemeaniepaul74: The word on the street was that it was an insurance job.... May 23, 2015 23:46:06 GMT
Mr Kite: Oh dear . May 24, 2015 16:08:14 GMT
Mr Kite: Anyway . I`m not going tomorrow . Due to unforeseen Patti Smith concert a week on Monday . May 24, 2015 16:09:11 GMT *
bluemeaniepaul74: It's only some boats bobbing about on a river anyway... May 24, 2015 16:55:12 GMT
peregrine9: I hope everyone living in the USA has a safe,great, memorial day weekend.I hope everyone else also has a great weekend to. May 24, 2015 19:56:10 GMT
oldswanrory: The Giants were the best. May 26, 2015 10:20:15 GMT
Mr Kite: Hello earache ! Jun 1, 2015 18:03:40 GMT
Mr Kite: Hello Rocky ! Jun 2, 2015 20:27:33 GMT
mbroder: Hithere, I thought this was a really cool read...!The-Most-Valuable-Album-Ever-And-the-Amazing-Story-Behind-it/c1rr6/55747e080cf219f1772c8e84 Never heard the story before... Jun 12, 2015 17:53:03 GMT
mrmustard: All a bit sick in my view. Jun 13, 2015 12:19:59 GMT
Mr Kite: Hello earache ! Jun 15, 2015 19:03:40 GMT